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SpursTech provides "Middleware" Solutions to small business and companies. Many businesses find that they are overburdened with too many software programs that are disconnected and don't provide coordinated and integrated business solutions. Spurstech develops Middleware that minimizes duplication of efforts and enhances collaboration between applications.

Small Business Solutions

Spurstech builds and co-develops business intelligence and data management tools for small businesses. Our solutions are scalable in architecture to allow for growth and development of a company while offering an extensive set of features that adapt to the requirements of any business size. We specialize in understanding your business needs first and foremost and then developing solutions specific to this needs--not giving you an off the shelf solution with features and products you don't need.

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About us

SpursTech, established in 2017, works to develop straight-forward, client-focused solutions that solve immediate and long term functionality issues with software, devices and other solutions in the Information Technology domain.

Bart Yancey
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

After a 19 year career working as a chief business officer in an academic health center, Bart decided to take his experience in clinical, academic, and research business management and administration to the private sector. He formed this company to focus on developing IT and software solutions for small and intermediate sized businesses that have limited options for comprehensive software solutions that are within financial reach.

Sachin K Patel
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Sachin’s passion and foresight to co-found SpursTech was born from a deep passion to solve problems-particularly around data management and systems development. He was a senior software analyst and data scientist for where he oversaw the efficiency of a high throughput, n-tiered data architecture. He has knowledge and comprehension in working with bluetooth technologies, RFID, machine language protocols and mobile smart phone technologies using IOS and Android program formats. Sachin has led design, development, publication and licensure of over 90 Digital Health systems.


SpursTech offers a wide array of Serivces.

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Artificial Intelligence

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