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Play To Feet

Our athlete performance platform is a solution for youth, inter-scholastic and professional sport participants. Users record output automatically, objectively monitor nutrition, hydration, sleep, and boost recovery with mindful breathing. Team monitoring by coaches and trainers improves safety and delivers data driven decision aids. Provides a competitive advantage for each athlete and the team.

Healthy Body Plans

The knowledge and applied insights available in the HBP weight management app is grounded in the latest and proven scientific evidence. The advantages and health reminders are designed to allow individuals the opportunity to customize the HBP app and incorporate healthy lifestyles into daily habits. The program focuses on small changes that replace old habits. There are no special diets, no foods to purchase or supplements recommended as part of the programs.


REZA is the citizen developer, no-code product from HITS Create your own native mobile applications with our mobile application building platform REZA. REZA provides non-developers easy to use tools that were developed with healthcare providers and healthcare researchers in mind. REZA the easy, cost effective way to develop your own mobile application. Accelerate mHealth app development from concept to test platform with plug n’ play GUI interface.

Southern Lumber

We developed a custom solution for a retail lumber supplier.  An integrated solution across a web portal and mobile phone apps in both iOS and Android systems was created.The retail facing sections included a catalog of items with shopping cart for review by a customer service representative. The order process from item selection, pricing, sales representative confirmation and payments have been created for an easy to use seamless experience.

Custom Services

SpursTech offers a wide array of Services

Mobile App & Web Development

SpursTech has the infrastructure to conduct the hardware creation, software development, deployment and maintenance of applications in a secure encrypted environment.

Social Media Support

Our team is experienced in delivering a seamless solution for your customers. Post directly to social media platforms, drive user competition and gamification, and allow for easy posts of success/outcomes/progress by users.

Messaging and Communication

Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) delivered dynamically via multiple channels. Communication, consent and survey in secure and HIPAA, HITECH compliant environment.

Artificial Intelligence

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions is dramatically changing the landscape and business of the healthcare field. Chatbots that are fueled by AI, are becoming a viable service channel. SpursTech AI chatbots deliver a patient centric experience in which patients cannot tell if they are communicating with a human or a computer.

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Health IT Solutions

Health IT Solutions- HITS offers comprehensive digital and mHealth solutions for any size or type of provider. Whether it's managing a singular chronic disease to an entire mHealth platform, HITS can supply the solution. Practitioners and Patients can access these digital health prescriptions a provider's portal, so that they can actively manage their health. Patients can also manage their own health through straightforward and simple applications and solutions.

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About Us

SpursTech provides "Middleware" Solutions to small business and companies. Many businesses find that they are overburdened with too many software programs that are disconnected and don't provide coordinated and integrated business solutions. SpursTech develops Middleware that minimizes duplication of efforts and enhances collaboration between applications.

  • Emerged from a collaborative partnership formed at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), an academic health center that is a top 50 NIH Research Institution and prominent national US player in Telehealth.
  • Technology Assisted Change Healthy Lifestyles (TACHL) Organized in 2015 within the College of Nursing, Medical University of South Carolina
  • Health Information Technology Solutions (HITS) Created in 2017 as a separate legal entity as an incubator to spin-out innovations for commercial use.

SpursTech, Established as a corporate legal structure in 2020 serving as the umbrella entity for HITS and improved flexibility to develop innovative solutions to the marketplace through multiple funding sources.

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