Functional App Features

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Social Media Dynamic Integration

Users enjoy the ease of posting to one or more social media accounts through your app. Progress such as weight loss, quitting smoking, finishing a learning resource, promoting the app, rating the app. All these events can be pushed to the users configured social media accounts with the tap of the screen.

Communication Channel Flexibility

We integrate the communication channels as selected by you or as selected by the user. Scheduled, behavior triggered and event triggered messages can be delivered to the user through the user email account, push notifications and SMS/text, a chat-bot interface, in-app messages, interactive voice response (IVR) phone call.

Telemedicine and Telehealth Workflows

Tap into our extensive experience in telehealth and telemedicine platform design. We will consult with you to design the preferred user in-app experience, data capture, synchronous and asynchronous communications through multiple communication channels. The response and interactions from the provider side of the app, including dashboard designs are key features to consider in workflow design.

Privacy and Security Features (HIPAA)

Your data management security needs are safe with us. We have intimate knowledge of data storage and communication options to meet HIPAA standards. We appreciate the unique nature of health data and protected health information.

Registration, Contact Information

A universal need for each program is the identification of the user. This may be as simple as screen name and password or as complex as inclusion criteria standards for a research study. We can help you design this interface with many options to create that first interaction a positive experience.

Profile, Goals, Characteristics

Beyond simple registration, many mHealth apps collect user data for future tailored communications. Research applications may include a long inventory of characteristics and personal information to help in follow on analytics. Let us consult on the perfect match between your needs and the best features your users will enjoy.

Messaging, Notifications, Tailoring

The ubiquitous nature of smartphones naturally lends to timely distribution of communications to users. Our mHealth apps collect a data dense environment for use in tailored messages including email, in app messages and push notifications. Communications can be event or timed distribution.

Chat Bot Interactions

Creating a conversation with users is available through the chat-bot feature. Our chat-bots create an informal dialogue with an avatar character. The user interactions mimic common texting conversations between two humans.

Machine Learning

Creating efficient and elegant user experiences in surveys and various interactions is a a strong suit for SpursTech. We have developed over 50 mHealth applications with a machine learning feature integrated into the user experience.

Artificial Intelligence Development Features

We have integrated true artificial intelligence (AI) engines into our products. Some refer to AI when machine learning may be more accurate. Our AI includes real time learning based on the data collected from users. AI is not for every app. A deep supply of data is required to fuel the fires of the AI engine. Let us know, we embrace AI.

Data Collection, Self-monitoring

The ubiquitous nature of smartphones and mobile apps help drive self-reported data. We are the experts in data collection through apps. Data collection best practices include self-report, remote device Bluetooth monitoring, beacon mesh data, geo-fence data and GPS insights.

Knowledge Gaining Resources

A key component of many apps is on-call knowledge for users. We can consult with you on the design and integration of user interface to access your learning and knowledge gaining resources. Don’t reinvent the wheel, pick and choose from our portfolio if you wish.

Skills Development

More than absorbing information you may want your users to build specific skills.  Our consulting team can design a tailored solution.  We bring years of experience and a range of tools integrated in our app library.

Tracking, Trending, Charting

The science of visualization is a key component of a great user interface. Polished features such as smoothed lines, color strategies, fixed axis scaling, variable axis scaling are a few considerations our team brings to your design table.

Gamification, Rewards Delivery

A common feature added after the MVP is gamification. We have PhD scientists with expertise in gamification strategies to boost engagement and lower app erosion. Integrate this feature with social media sharing and you have a great combination.

Back End Reporting, Interfaces

Your user experience needs are more than a report set from Google analytics. We will help design and build a robust dashboard or an elegant API to deliver your data to a third-party such as an EMR. We have experience in dashboards for health coaches, principal investigators, behavioral scientists and others.

Mobile and Web Content

Design the user experience for both mobile and browser-based platforms. We have experience and best practices to guide you through this design and testing phase. Build integration points to large amounts of content for web access to keep your mobile experience crisp and without clutter.

Facial Recognition

A straightforward feature your app users expect is facial recognition log-in. We will capture this feature and improve the UI/UX flow for users with these phones.

Voice Recognition

The continued evolution of personal digital assistants such as Alexa and Siri can boost your platform to the cutting edge of mHealth. Your understanding of your target user population and key vocabulary terms make this design less complex than expected.

Biometric Collection

Fingerprint scans and retinal scans are useful features to integrate. The type of patient and the health topic of the app drive the most appropriate biometric data for your app. We can help you go beyond log-in biometrics and collect useful physiological data direct from the user phone. Integrating peripheral medical devices expands your potential data universe dramatically.

Apple TV

IOS platforms and users can partner their phone with their Apple TV. This hardware expansion creates a new dimension for knowledge gaining experiences. Adding an Apple TV resource brings infotainment into your users home theater environment.

Amazon Echo’s Alexa - Siri

Digital assistants have unique capabilities, features, and even quirks. Let SpursTech help you match the right voice device with your design goals in mind.

Front End UI-UX

The first impression of your app is the front-end registration and log-in. The majority of commercial app users never make it through this step. We will help you design an efficient and elegant workflow for each new user.


Our collective experience helps you understand and navigate the quality assurance process along the development path. The applied use of your app at home, work and in the community are the only way to validate every aspect of your app.

Code Analysis

SpursTech Senior Architects and Senior Developers will run your platform code through a rigorous process of validation and stress testing. Many developers can write code. Most developers write code for only one operating system with a high degree of expertise. Our interprofessional team has the testing platforms to make your app the most efficient and clean across all operations systems and hardware configurations.

Team Collaboration

Our team of experts has partnered with research scientists, tech challenged clinicians, start-up creators, product designers and many others. We have refined our process of specification documentation and the project management workflow to help you translate your ideas and vision into a viable product for your end users.

All-In-One Toolbox Cart

We have all of these resources, widgets, features and tools for your to integrate into your app. Our breadth of experience can suggest additional tools for your consideration. You can review how each tool functions from our library of apps previously designed and in use.

Native iOS and Android

We offer you the capability to release your app to the world in multiple configurations. Help us understand your vision and user population and we can offer several alternatives. The many versions and hardware devices in the Android world can be challenging to navigate. We’re here to help you.

Dynamic Content Management

We will provide you with access to a content management system (CMS). Your CMS allows you to make content changes and additions at your convenience. No need for an intermediary. We can also provide options for you to tailor content for market segments with true dynamic content presentation.

Vidyo Secure Telehealth Consult Scheduling

A common video communication portal in use for healthcare organizations is the Vidyo platform. We are fluent in Vidyo interfaces and API data flow for maximum privacy and security.

UI/UX Design Customization and Flexibility

Your elegant and science based content with every widget and resource engineered to perfection may still fall short. The user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are the strongest lever to user engagement, satisfaction and higher ratings. There are numerous competitors with weaker designs who will delight your users with polished UI/UX. Stay ahead of the pack and let SpursTech push your app to the vanguard of UI/UX experiences.

Ecological Momentary Assessment via Secure SMS/Chat

Keep your app in the present with target users. Let us assist in the design of SMS/Chat/text/notifications. The ecological momentary assessment (EMA) concept is meeting the user at the optimum transactional point with the most impactful communication to drive desired actions/behaviors by users.

GPS - Where, When, How, What

The physical location of the user and the proximity of the user to key landmarks is one of the higher impact features you can integrate into your app. We can establish a mesh network of beacons for micro-mapping inside a campus or office building. A geo-fence to trigger alert messages near a retail location as an attraction or a avoidance can be effective. Take the GPS feature to the next level with SpursTech designs.

EMR Integration with FHIR, HL7 & Custom Services

Operating within the health care landscape may require electronic medical record integration (EMR). SpursTech is experienced in this area and will consult with the EMR data technical team to design the most efficient flow of data into the EMR. We are experienced in data transmittal using FHIR (fire), HL7 and other common data transfer protocols.

Analytics for Billing and Rewards

You need more than simple browser analytics for your platform. Design custom report to provide insights in the user behavior on key elements in your product. Capture time stamps, calculate fields to help deliver one-step billing files. Drive higher engagement with user rewards. Build integrated points, rewards and notifications to boost user engagement.

Biometric Peripherals Device Integration

We have worked with over 100 peripheral devices and dozens of manufacturers. Let SpursTech provide insights and recommendations on the current state of the art devices. We also offer validation of each device for data stability and reliable integration under field operational conditions.

Bluetooth Device Data Capture

SpursTech engineers will design sensitive and specific capabilities for data capture from a wide range of fitness, home, clinic and research equipment and devices.

Interactive Voice Response Platform Integration

Create solutions with multiple data capture points. We provide an integrated solution and a single data storage site for more accurate data and less manipulation. We will help design a customized interactive voice response platform (IVR). Create scripts and record your own voices to add authenticity.

Redcap Survey Integration

Maintain the features and familiarity of your research survey platforms, such as RedCap. We can develop schedule data uploads and integrate your survey data with user data to develop insights with less manipulation.

Native Survey Management

Build survey and self-reported data into the user/work flow for your app. Create date or event triggers to auto-distribute follow-up surveys. Create custom questions and survey tools within your app.

Machine Learning

Create simple stem and leaf question flows or more complex calculated field and feedback loops with machine learning features. Short of more complex artificial intelligence engines, machine learning algorithms improve the data capture experience for users and helps you obtain a comprehensive suite of outcomes.

Apple Health Kit Integration

We are iOS fluent. Let the power of Health Kit in your users’ iOS phones capture data for app integration. Apple users can control the data integration with ease and eliminate your remote device data concerns.

Voice Generated Instructions – Interface

Let your app drive reminders, shout-outs and other engaging actions with users. Capture this preferred feature for users with aplomb. Phones and become a voice assistant even when asleep.

Medication Adherence

Integrate a Bluetooth pill box with dynamic content, voice generated reminders and other peripheral devices for a comprehensive suite of services for the patient. Select from several pill storage and dispensing devices we have validated.

Physical Activity Tracking

Create a flexible and robust package for users to capture physical activity. Your options range from wrist watches, digital pedometers with Bluetooth, self-reported activity through your app and self-reported activity in the phone or watch.

Food Intake - Diet Logs

SpursTech engineers have designed several platforms for self-report of food intake. We have also partnered with a device manufacturer to estimate calories through a wrist device with no user interface or recording.

Water Intake

Similar to food intake we have options available for water intake data. Our wrist device manufacturer partner also captures hydration and sleep patterns.

Sleep Logs

Sleep can be capture through self-report or wrist watch devices for sleep pattern data capture.

Web - mHealth Integration

Create your ecosystem to capture the mobility of smartphones and the full features and readability of browser-based content. Build bi-directional user flows to take advantage of platform advantages.

Tablet Interface

Since tablets are middle ground for screen size and capabilities, we can add this hardware type to your menu. This is an additional consideration and not required for all applications.

Watch Interface

Smart watches are the mini-ground for screen size and capabilities. The always available aspect of a watch lends itself to new concepts in user interface, reminders and data display with notifications.

Automated Email Communications

Even the most ardent smart phone user may prefer emails for some or all communications. You can distribute your notifications through email or insert links in SMS/text messages for larger content presentation.

Knowledge Resource Libraries

The on-demand access to educational resources is a full-throated advantage for phone apps. Create polished UI/UX interfaces with robust multi-media libraries for users to marvel. Let SpursTech tap into our experience to bring you to cutting edge solutions;

Goals - Dashboard Visuals

The data visualization science and related techniques are a feature that makes your standout. Visuals create “pop” for users and back end administrators either in phone or browser versions.