Electronic Health Record Interoperability

Patient Education – Knowledge Gaining Resources

A key component of many apps is on-call knowledge for users. We can consult with you on the design and integration of user interface to access your learning and knowledge gaining resources. Don’t reinvent the wheel, pick and choose from our portfolio if you wish. Allow patients to access educational resources through your app or EMR and track their progress.

EMR Integration with FHIR, HL7 & Custom Services

Operating within the health care landscape may require electronic medical record integration (EMR). SpursTech is experienced in this area and will consult with the EMR data technical team to design the most efficient flow of data into the EMR. We are experienced in data transmittal using FHIR (fire), HL7 and other common data transfer protocols.

Biometric Peripherals Device Integration

We have worked with over 100 peripheral devices and dozens of manufacturers. Let SpursTech provide insights and recommendations on the current state of the art devices. We also offer validation of each device for data stability and reliable integration under field operational conditions. SpursTech engineers will design sensitive and specific capabilities for data capture from a wide range of fitness, home, clinic and research equipment and devices.