Acute Care Management

Our acute care management platform delivers a range of solutions for each high acuity circumstance. Common interactions featured are common to other categories. Users interact through symptom reporting, remote patient monitoring, medication adherence, educational resources on demand and tailored communications. All of the acute care management apps app can be configured with Telehealth or Telemedicine connectivity as well as EMR communications.

Pain Management

The management of acute pain episodes includes several proven techniques with easy mHealth access for individuals. Pain reporting and tracking, shared experiences with support network contacts, coping resources and access to health care teams are included in the pain management platform.

Post-Transplant Medication Management

Our medication management for post-transplant patients is a specialized approach for fragile transplant patients. The mHealth app allows the transplant team to monitor, adjust and deliver the required complex pharmacologic treatment regimen for patients. Follow up office visits and urgent care visits to practitioners is reduced and risk of medication errors are virtually eliminated.

Burn Recovery

The mHealth app for patients recovering from a burn improves self-care for patients and family care givers. The remote monitoring and communications through the Burn app decreases travel and ambulatory follow up visits. The burn recovery platform includes telehealth and telemedicine features.

Post-Operative Cardiac Procedure Management

Patient management of surgical recovery from cardiac procedures includes a suite of resources for patients. The mHealth app includes symptom reporting, wound healing photo transmission, peripheral device monitoring and data collection, patient education resource access and EMR integration.

Medical Campus Wayfinding

Visitors to complex and confusing medical facilities can use this smartphone app for easy navigation. The physical environment is configured with beacons and geo-tags for accurate route advice at a level of 2-3 feet. Patients download the app upon arrival. EHR communication for procedure location improves the ease of use for patients. A tablet version can be distributed at visitor and security access points as an on call resource.

Play to Feet (Athlete Performance)

Our athlete performance platform is a solution for youth, inter-scholastic and professional sport participants. Users record output automatically, objectively monitor nutrition, hydration, sleep, and boost recovery with mindful breathing. Team monitoring by coaches and trainers improves safety and delivers data driven decision aids. Provides a competitive advantage for each athlete and the team.