Long Term Conditions

Our long-term condition platform solutions include a menu of features specific for each condition or poly-morbid cluster. Common interactions include symptom reporting, remote patient monitoring, medication adherence, educational resources on demand and tailored communications. All of the long-term condition apps app can be configured with Telehealth or Telemedicine connectivity as well as EMR communications.

Medication Management

Adherence to medication regimens is a key aspect of health maintenance. The medication management mHealth app can be used as a stand-alone platform or integrated with either long-term or acute condition resources. This can be a straightforward as self-reported adherence or linked to one of many Bluetooth pill dispensing device options we have experience.


The Diabetes Mellitus mHealth app is a comprehensive set of tools and resources for improved patient management. Access to common issues associated with Diabetes are typically included (hypertension, food intake, salt intake). Self-reported glucose tracking or remote device data integration is available. The mHealth app can be configured with Telehealth or Telemedicine connectivity to a Diabetes Educator, practitioner or lifestyle coach, as well as EMR communications.

Heart Failure

Our mHealth solution for individuals with Heart Failure integrates features from several of our best in class solutions. Component features include weight tracking, daily symptom reporting, home monitoring device data collection (body weight, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, medication adherence), food and sodium intake. Telehealth interactions with nurse educators and care managers have been designed.


The management of hypertension may be combined with other long-term or acute issues. Daily monitoring features including blood pressure, medication adherence, food intake, weight management, sodium intake, stress management are available for users. Data interchange with an EMR or care management platform is available.