mHealth and Telehealth Patient Monitoring Solutions

Telemedicine and Telehealth Workflows

Tap into our extensive experience in telehealth and telemedicine platform design. We will consult with you to design the preferred user in-app experience, data capture, synchronous and asynchronous communications through multiple communication channels. The response and interactions from the provider side of the app, including dashboard designs are key features to consider in workflow design.

Self-Care Skills Development

More than absorbing information you may want your users to build specific skills. Our consulting team can design a tailored solution. We bring years of experience and a range of tools integrated in our app library.

Biometric Collection

Fingerprint scans and retinal scans are useful features to integrate. The type of patient and the health topic of the app drive the most appropriate biometric data for your app. We can help you go beyond log-in biometrics and collect useful physiological data direct from the user phone. Integrating peripheral medical devices expands your potential data universe dramatically.

Vidyo Secure Telehealth Consult Scheduling

A common video communication portal in use for healthcare organizations is the Vidyo platform. We are fluent in Vidyo interfaces and API data flow for maximum privacy and security.