About Us

SpursTech provides "Middleware" Solutions to small business and companies. Many businesses find that they are overburdened with too many software programs that are disconnected and don't provide coordinated and integrated business solutions. SpursTech develops Middleware that minimizes duplication of efforts and enhances collaboration between applications.

Spurs Tech Timeline


SpursTech grows its full stack development team to pre-pandemic state.

SpursTech founder member and co-owner, Thomas Yancey retires. Sachin Patel becomes majority owner.


SpursTech committs to it's core values of mentorship, giving back, engagement and being a vehicle for growth withn the Digital Health arena.

SpursTech recruits first annual internship-development program with recruitement of 12 young stars from the South East comprised of College of Charleston, Charleston Southern, University of SC, Clemson University, Emory Health, and University of Oxford, UK.

SpursTech expands its client and services to sectors of Non-Profit foundations and Fintech.


SpursTech corporate entity formed. Serves as the corporate umbrella for HITS, PlayToFeet, Reza-App, Reza-Bot, Reza-Chat, Reza-Care and increased marketplace flexibility to develop innovative solutions to the marketplace through multiple funding sources.

Sachin Patel leaves MUSC Health to dedicate full-time energies to SpursTech growth and development.

Phil Smeltzer, PhD joined SpursTech as the Chief Strategy Officer and Director, Health Research.


SpursTech and HITS have a successful growth with zero investment and organic growth.

SpursTech invests and grows full DevOps team, engages with multi-variant community leaders, and strategically grow its product lines.


Bart Yancey leaves MUSC after 14 years as Chief Business Officer, Assoc. Chief of Staff for MUSC President.

Bart Yancey and Sachin Patel form Health IT Solutions (HITS) as an MUSC Health incubator to spin-out mHealth products for commercialization.

Sachin Patel forms Digtal Health Solutions as Chief Technology Officer at MUSC Health to serve the whole MUSC Health enterprise and form collaborations with the private sector.


MUSC Health leadership see the value of TACHL and want to expand and translate its technologies into a commercial space.


TACHL grows exponentially in service delivery for Digital Health Products, Mr. Patel has a complete DevOps team housed within the College of Nursing, Medical University of South Carolina.


South Carolina Telehealth Alliance formed. Mr. Patel and development team designs IT architecture.


Sachin Patel recruited to MUSC Health from Georgia, joins research and development team with Dr. Frank Trieber to begin mHealth initiatives and technologies.


MUSC College of Nursing recruits Founding Technology Center Director, Dr. Frank Treiber to form Technology Applications Center for Health Lifestyles (TACHL).