Behavioral Issues, Mental Health Management

Behavioral Issues, Mental Health Management (category) Our behavioral issue solutions include a variety of resources and features to help identify, manage and support mental health and related conditions. The user interfaces are thoughtfully designed to consider the unique needs of customers and practitioners who manage these product solutions.

Crisis Tracking/ Two- Way Patient Communication

Specific events and circumstances are factors known to create a crisis within a group or population. Our crisis tracking solutions deliver novel features for individuals to self-monitory, self-report and obtain support when symptoms or needs arise. Telehealth and telemedicine features are common among the crisis management program products.

Aging in Place

A developing trend in older adults is the increased intensity of at-home care and services to avoid loss of a stable home. mHealth solutions allow the integration of technology devices, home monitoring, voice activated devices and in-home clinic services to delay the need for assisted living or institutional facility residency.

Trauma Recovery (PTSD, ICU, COVID19, Violence Victims)

Our trauma recovery platform allows individuals to monitor symptoms and disposition post discharge. Trauma inducing services such as ICU, ventilator procedures or life-threatening injuries/coma have been included in the trauma recovery service app.