Wellness and Lifestyle Management

Our wellness and lifestyle management solutions include a variety of features and resources for individuals to improve their personal health risks and behaviors. The user experiences are designed for logical daily data entry and resource access in the right time, right place, right action. mHealth apps available through commercial stores or as a private label product.

Stress Reduction

Our suite of stress reduction resources provides self-management, self-reporting and access to app based resources. Stress tracking, mitigation and self-care skills are integral. The mHealth app can be configured with Telehealth or Telemedicine connectivity as well as EMR communications.

Weight Management

The weight management platform is a template for any lifestyle management mHealth app. Daily monitoring of weight, food intake, activity including Bluetooth device connectivity through native phone features. Access to videos, podcasts, menu’s, nutrition are available with push communications up to 4x/day. Gamification features have been integrated for social media posting, leaderboard tracking. Connect with a health coach or counselor through email, chat, phone or video.

Diabetes Prevention

Our diabetes prevention program platform conforms to CDC guidelines for certification. Configured with the 16-week core phase and two-years of maintenance resources. Individuals receive tailored communications based on app interaction and personal performance

Tobacco, Nicotine and Vaping Treatment

Multiple mHealth app designs for smoking cessation and tobacco treatment have been integrated into a single comprehensive resource for users. The tobacco/nicotine treatment app includes self-reported monitoring, access to craving management resources, cost calculators, health impact estimators, and many other interactive widgets to keep individuals engaged. Tailored communications based on quit date and follow up recommendations.