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Skills Development

Tracking, Trending, Charting

Gamification, Rewards Delivery

Back End Reporting, Interfaces

Mobile and Web Content

Facial Recognition

Voice Recognition

Biometric Collection

Apple TV

Amazon Echo’s Alexa - Siri

Front End UI-UX


Code Analysis

Team Collaboration

All-In-One Toolbox Cart

Native iOS and Android

Dynamic Content Management

Video Secure Telehealth Consult Scheduling

UI/UX Design Customization and Flexibility

Ecological Momentary Assessment via Secure SMS/Chat

GPS - Where, When, How, What

EMR Integration with FHIR, HL7 Custom Services

Analytics for Billing and Rewards

Biometric Peripherals Device Integration

Bluetooth Device Data Capture

Interactive Voice Response Platform Integration

Redcap Survey Integration

Native Survey Management

Machine Learning

Apple Health Kit Integration

Voice Generated Instructions – Interface

Medication Adherence

Physical Activity Tracking

Food Intake - Diet Logs

Water Intake

Sleep Logs

Web - mHealth Integration

Tablet Interface

Watch Interface

Automated Email Communications

Knowledge Resource Libraries

Goals - Dashboard Visuals